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[Mod Request] Instant/DS1 Parry Frames (dx9+sotfs)


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Firstly, I only play Dark Souls offline, so getting banned or having an advantage over other players shouldn't be an issue for me.


Long story short, I loved parrying in Dark Souls 1. It's one of the main things that helped me learn to play (I think enemy poise in the first game necessitated that I learn). I even loved it when I went back to DeS, despite the jank. The startup frames in DS2 and DS3 utterly ruined my enjoyment of parrying, especially since a lot of enemy animations in 2 and 3 just aren't conducive to this new method of parrying; accounting for said startup frames and an abysmal active window, whereas the parrying I like revolves entirely around reflexes.


To give an example, there are two mods that affect parrying for DS3. I've only tried one of them, but unfortunately it affects a few other things (rolling etc), when all I really want is the instant parries. The mod also makes parry windows super long by giving you multiple parries in a row, which is too easy, but it at least allows me to play with instant parry frames and pretend I've got my old parrying back. I used to hate Dark 3, but being able to parry like I used to made me love it completely.


Is changing the parry frames to mirror/be similar to those of Dark Souls 1 possible for Dark Souls 2 and SOTFS, though? Their engines feel quite different, and I couldn't find parrying mods for either version, so I'm worried that it's impossible. I missed out on the Monastery Scimitar (they patched it in both versions), but honestly, I kinda just want the old DS1 frame data back. The constant roll>attack>roll>attack gets dull for me.


Crossing my fingers!!

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