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This is an effort to reduce the amount of pinned topics by converting the pinned topics into Articles and linking to them via a single pinned topic.


Announcements from the staff


For those of you with modding ambitions



Frequently Asked Questions


How To Make Mods


Those links don not work ... or at least not anymore it seems. Rather a pain considering Im getting impatient about a certain mod request that i was thinking of trying to mod it myself ... problem ... no step 1 on how to start modding ... or how to make a mod to make a summon spell ...

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I'm new to modding as well. I believe an NPC-summon spell requires scripting (since such summon spells all use the default scripting spell icon) -- you might want to ask someone who's made one how they did it, or check the Elder Scrolls wiki if you haven't already.


For modding basics, the Elder Scrolls Construction Wiki:

Beginner's Guide to Modding

Retexturing Made Easy

There's also:

The Oblivion Modder's Manual (at Planet Elder Scrolls, TESNexus, readable online at Better Oblivion)

Et cetera. :)

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