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  1. LHammonds please answer or allow pm i see the last active status of you and just want to know if i can get permission for your mods to port them to fo4
  2. That is a very generalized question. There are many different aspects to creating mods. The easiest by far that doesn't require much in the way of knowledge or tools is by simply modifying the XML files using Notepad (or Notepad++ which is my preferred text editor) In the early days of modding, I typically modded my server to add additional crops and storage but now I'm fairly happy with the vanilla experience so I have not been making my own mods lately. Things have changed however that make modding even easier now due to inheritance. You can create a new item by setting all of its attributes by letting it inherit them from a similar object and only change the bits that you want changed. Editing XML files allows you to do a great many things and in such a way that installed on a dedicated server, won't require people (clients) that connect to also install mods on their PC. This is server-side modding only which is the easiest to maintain and allow the least hassle for clients to connect and play. You can change the hue (color) of an existing object icon using just XML to make new items stick out a bit more without actually requiring graphics to be installed on the client...for example, you can create a new farming item...an apple. While creating this entry in XML, you can reference a similar-looking icon that already exists and set its color. For example, you could use the potato icon and set its color to look red. Not perfect but it won't require clients to install any mods for it. Mods that add new models or graphics to the game will require all clients to install this mod as well as the server. I have always tried to stay away from this scenario mainly because it was a pain getting people to update their client correctly and have it not affect them connecting to other servers they frequent. If there is an existing mod similar to what you want to accomplish...download it, open it up and see what makes it tick. See how others have done it. This is especially helpful when there are very few documents floating around on how to mod the game. LHammonds
  3. hallo LHammonds i want to ask for permission to use your stargate sg1 jaffa staff mod for a fallout 4 mod
    1. mach1991


      and your Stargate SG-1 Zat Gun
  4. 8 Years later and I still think the above holds true. I also remember that was the 1st game where I issued voice commands which translated to specific key presses which was awesome...like saying "Tank spotted" and it lets my entire team know the coordinates of that tank on the map. LHammonds
  5. I realized that if I take all active Oblivion modders, then selected those that know classic ASP and PHP, that would be an extremely small crowd...maybe just myself...except the active modder part. So I'll convert all the .asp page to .php but make sure the pages still end in .asp to avoid breaking existing URL paths. I have all my tutorials and info pages converted already but the tools have a LOT of VBscript which will be "fun" to convert. So basically, just ignore this entire thread...these aren't the droids you are looking for...move along. EDIT: Conversion Status * DONE - All website .asp navigation and tutorial pages (37 files) * DONE - OBMM Script Analyzer (500 lines) * DONE - Readme Generator (1,100 lines) * DONE - Moved site to new PHP server...all links continue to work (and have their .asp extension which is a lie) Now I just need to point my domain to the new server...I think...just need to do check on a few other services I provide to make sure I got all my bases covered. LHammonds
  6. Nothing more than .XML edits and icons. That was prior to Alpha 15 though. Once that hit, most of the changes I added were in the base game at that time. I'm fairly content with the game (except storage options and fishing). I have recently started a ValMod Overhaul server + Compopack and liking that gameplay so far. Very refreshing. I doubt I will have time to try the Starvation SDX mod before Alpha 16 comes out and breaks it though.
  7. Mainly, I'm getting away from IIS web server. I do not develop ASP web sites anymore and if I do anything, it will be in PHP so I'm moving what I can to a Linux/PHP server and obviously that means .ASP sites I created will not work. I would have to convert the pages to static HTML to keep the existing URL links working. Even though the pages would still end in .asp, they would really just be .html or .php That's what I'm asking. Not sure if there is much use for it now. I might just attach the .asp pages to the official readme mod page or I might convert it to PHP but I doubt I have the time. If someone that knows ASP and PHP wants to convert it for me, I'd certainly continue hosting it on the PHP server though. With the free time I have, I'm usually playing 7dtd on my dedicated server rather than playing around with Blender or modding. Been a long time since I touched Blender. ;-) LHammonds
  8. 7 Days to Die Been playing this game for a long time. Got 1,600 hours in it so far and have 3 dedicated servers. It is mod-friendly so you can tweak it how you like such as removing all the zombies to have just a survival experience or add someone else's mod like ValMod Overhaul which changes the game so much you have to re-learn how to play like it was all new.
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 http://static.srcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-2-Main-Cast.jpg
  10. Wynonna Earp http://cdn2us.denofgeek.com/sites/denofgeekus/files/styles/main_wide/public/2017/05/wynonna-earp-season-1-episode-13-hub-syfy.jpg?itok=C3Zeda8Y
  11. EDIT: I converted the entire site from ASP to PHP and moved it from Windows to Linux. No worries, its all good, nothing to see here. Greetings, I am planning to shutdown my Oblivion / OBMM site or maybe convert it to a static site which would render the readme generator and OBMM Script Analyzer useless. Is anyone here still using it or want to take over the source code to the two utilities? They were written in classic ASP for Windows IIS and an MS Access .accdb backend. I'm getting rid of my Windows server and replacing it with a Linux server and anything written in classic ASP will not run on Apache and I have no time/plan to convert my old sites. LHammonds
  12. Not sure who you are talking to (especially since the last post was about a year ago!) but talking about Windows 7 directory structure makes me think you are referring to write protection that "Program Files" folder has to help prevent modifying of code. Any programs that writes data to their install folder should be installed somewhere other than the default "Program Files" folder such as C:\Apps or wherever. Installing to a different folder will bypass the security imposed on the "Program Files" folder. LHammonds
  13. I wonder if the Skywind team would want the glass assets jcarl and I were working on for Oblivion which most are 100% new assets. Vvardenfell Glass Gallery LHammonds
  14. Sorry about not being around to reply sooner but for those with the same problem, don't worry, I have the Noob-2-Pro PDF attached to the Blender page here at the Nexus. LHammonds
  15. Thanks for letting us know. I saw this in Steam on the "Recent News" for Fallout 4. I immediately dropped by and updated my password. Thankfully, I don't use the same password on each of the sites/services so even if my pwd is cracked, they get nothing. :-) I recommend using a password manager like KeePass to help make sure your passwords everywhere is unique but also be able to retrieve them if you forgot what they were. EDIT: Just sorted all my uploads by date last updated. Nothing touched.
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