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Can't find NPC portraits


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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't seem to find any answer anywhere online.


Where does Neverwinter Nights 1 keep its standard NPC portraits?


I'd like to put in some custom portraits in a module, but can't find where the game is calling them from. At this point, I am convinced that there's some hidden folder or something for these things -- they most certainly do not come from my normal Portraits folder.


Strangely, a complete search of my Neverwinter Nights files turned up absolutely nothing. I cannot find a single NPC portrait file in any of the folders. Obviously they must exist somewhere in there!


Game is Neverwinter Nights Complete, running on Windows 8 (which I'm surprised it even worked on, unlike Dragon Age Origins, but that's another story :mad: ).

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Custom portraits can be placed into C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\portraits.

Path will vary depending on where you installed it.


The Game's own Portrraits are stored in BIF files, something not unlike the BSA files used by Bethsoft games, but built differently.

If you are looking for packs of such things IGN's NWN Vault has a ton and is still operational. It's repository goes back to about 2002.

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Thanks very much; don't think I knew the .bif file information.


I guess what I'm ultimately trying to learn is how to get the game to recognize custom portraits for NPCs when making a module -- putting them into the Portraits folder only seems to allow usage when creating playable characters. (I'm adept at creating custom portraits already, so that's not the problem.)


My observation is that NWN seems to be looking elsewhere for the NPC portraits, and was thinking that if only I could find where that was, the problem might be solved. I already know how to modify the .2da file, make the .hak file, etc. It's just where to tell the game to look for NPC portrait files that seems to be giving me problems.


Any light that could be shed on this would be much appreciated!

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