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[Mod Request] Casual clothing for Jill


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'been waiting now for almost 1,5 years for somebody to publish a clothing mod, that gives Jill a proper, casual wardrobe, that is both comfortable and at the same time practical.

I could bash some meshes together myself but i ain't got the skills to readjust textures, so it wouldn't work.


Of course, doing this won't go without a reward and we'll get to that in a moment.

With that in mind, here's what i'm asking for:


Concept description:

  • - a clothing mod for Jill's default outfit
  • - replacing her tanktop with a shirt, sweater or something else that fits for mid-autumn weather (for references, check here, here or here)
  • - giving Jill some sneakers instead of boots or some other form of comfy shoes (for references, check here, here, here or here)
  • - Less gear: keep the utility belt/holster, but get rid of the shoulder holster, gloves and badge (for reference, check here)


Concept "art" (just a compilation of multiple screenshots)



- no oversexualized horses#!t like bigger boobs, thick thighs, etc

- no revealing clothing such as booty shorts, bikinis, crop tops or sandals

- no changes in face, hairstyle, coloring


Personaly, i don't mind if it's "merely" a compilation of some of the mods, i attached as references.

As long as the creators of those mods are also cool with it, use them. I simply wish for an outfit for jill, that is both casual and still practical.



Anyone, who's willing to make my dream concept come true, shall receive 10.000 DP, straight into your Nexus wallet.

For those, that don't know: Those points can be exchanged for either a game key in the store or cash deposit on paypal.


Should you be interested in this endeavor, post in here. Maybe put up some screenshots first, before you intend on uploading it.

Thanks to anyone in advance.

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-Update 21/11/21-


F@#k it ...

Okay, i've managed to make the model on my own but i suck at creating/editing textures for RE3.

Anyone willing to help me out at least here?




The reward for assisting is still up, although it will be cut in half, now that i've done the model.

Participants will however receive full credit in the mod section.

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