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Hi everyone!


I design this thinking that i really enjoy the Orsimer Race.

I like the idea that orcs are outcasts honor bound berserkers (they remind of samurais) but i don't like the design ot the gauntlets (it looks off) and the body armor doesn't convince too much either... There should be more variaty, so i started the design thinking with orchish assets but i changed my mind, i wanted to have a more badass and lore friendly look, so i mix the concept design of Dwaling armor (The Hobbit) with Tomorrow Kings Shogun Toys, using skyrim and dawnguard assets.
I think that the NPC "OLD ORC" should wear it, even change his appearance with a new beard with a new hairstyle (show that his is old but non the less a BERSERKER) and also some Body Scars it will make him really bad ass orc looking for a "Good Death". And he should be a high level random encounter.





Well this is my request, hope you like it enough to make this happen.




PD: Sorry my english is kind of crap.

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hm... i just started a collection of brutalized orcish weapons... though i gotta admit... the blade... hm... i dont mod that long, but ill think about it... feel free to take a look at my mod, maybe sth from this one would fit? "Ragna-Rok's stuff for real Berserkers" ---> http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/44371//?

i could easily reshape one of my so called "Berserksword"s for it ... the width would fit from the blade, slightly increased length, the hilt moved to the side... what about it? take a look. i just mean i work with orc-weapons for about 2 - 3 weeks now.


but ... in general a question... the blade made out of orichalcum (greener) would be okay? because it simply belongs for me to the orcs.


pm me once youve taken a look.




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you know what? ill play a little with the idea tonight. im still looking for some ideas anyway, though i still gotta add like 15 - 20 weapons that are designed but not implemented to my mod. just for fun ill scale the blade up a little bit, i got tons of files with all kinds of cut meshes, textures, hundreds of files that piled up since i started my beloved mod. ill try to rescale and reshape the blade of the greatsword a little without fxxxing up the textures. dont forget to pay my mod a visit ;)


(i also want to create orc-armor, but not that kind, and i still gotta figure skeleton-parenting out)

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:blush: ... dont forget to check out my berserk-stuff ... i guess ill imply a blade like that here. well, check it out already now, its all brutal orcish gear --> http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/44371//?



PS: :cool:







fxxx ... i just saw i messed up the middle a little bit... yeah, you never know until you render it ;)

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Also body scars can be done. Do you want them merged with the armor or an equippable item?

Because this is pretty much the only way they can be done.

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