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Need Help with CTD after selecting New Game!


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Hello, and thanks for reading my post. This is my first time trying to mod oblivion, so I went the route of using Wyre Bash (and the pictorial guide), along with LOOT. My game launches successfully, but crashes after I select new game and go to the first loading screen. Look is only coming up with a few cleaning edits for inactive mods, and I'm fairly certain that I ran the patch correctly. I'll post my load order below, and provide and additional details, I'd really like to find a solution, I feel like I'm so close!!


Active Mod Files:

00 Oblivion.esm
01 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm [Version 1.36]
02 Mart's Monster Mod.esm [Version 3.8b1]
03 Better Cities Resources.esm [Version 6.0.7]
04 All Natural Base.esm [Version 1.38]
05 Knights - Revelation.esm
06 Cobl Main.esm [Version 1.74]
07 Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esm [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
08 Cobl Glue.esp [Version 1.73]
09 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp [Version 3.5.6]
0A Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp [Version 1.5.9]
** Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp
0B UOP Vampire Aging & Face Fix.esp [Version 1.0.0]
0C DLCShiveringIsles.esp
0D Cobl Si.esp [Version 1.63]
0E DLCHorseArmor.esp
0F DLCOrrery.esp
10 DLCVileLair.esp
11 DLCMehrunesRazor.esp
12 DLCSpellTomes.esp
13 DLCThievesDen.esp
14 DLCBattlehornCastle.esp
15 DLCFrostcrag.esp
16 Knights.esp
17 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp [Version 1.36]
** Mart's Monster Mod - Resized Races.esp [Version 3.8b1]
** MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp
18 OblivionReloaded.esp
19 Harvest [Flora].esp [Version 3.0.0]
** Harvest [Flora] - DLCVileLair.esp [Version 3.0.0]
** Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles.esp [Version 3.0.0]
1A Living Economy.esp
** OOO-Magic_Script_Effect_Fix.esp [Version 1.33]
1B OOO-Respawn_Month.esp [Version 1.33]
** All Natural - MMM Patch.esp [Version 1.3]
1C All Natural - Real Lights.esp [Version 1.38]
1D P1DcandlesForKleptos.esp
1E Sounds of Cyrodiil.esp [Version 1.1]
1F All Natural.esp [Version 1.38]
20 Living Economy - Items.esp
21 Mart's Monster Mod for OOO.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
22 Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp [Version 2.0]
23 Kvatch Rebuilt.esp [Version 3.0RC3]
24 Mart's Monster Mod - More Wilderness Life.esp [Version 3.8b1]
25 Knights - Revelation.esp
26 Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse WaterLife.esp [Version 3.8b1]
27 Weapon Expansion Pack for Oblivion Nthusiasts.esp
28 Immersive Weapons.esp
29 BrotherhoodRenewed.esp [Version 1.1.2]
2A RoadLights.esp
2B Salmo the Baker, Cobl.esp [Version 3.08]
2C Immersive Interiors.esp [Version 0.8.1]
** Cobl Tweaks - MMM4OOO Mergeable.esp [Version 1.72]
2D Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & Crafting.esp [Version 3.8b1]
2E Alternative Start by Robert Evrae.esp
2F Mart's Monster Mod - Farm Animals.esp [Version 3.8b1]
30 Apachii_Goddess_Store.esp
31 All Natural - SI.esp [Version 1.38]
** Harvest [Flora] - DLCFrostcrag.esp [Version 3.0.0]
32 CapesandCloaks.esp
33 Enhanced Water v2.0 HD.esp
34 Natural_Water_by_Max_Tael.esp
35 Kvatch Rebuilt - OOO Adaptation.esp
36 Kvatch Rebuilt Weather Patch.esp
37 Mart's Monster Mod - Diverse Creatures Expansion.esp [Version 3.8b1]
** Mart's Monster Mod - Slof Horses Complete.esp [Version 3.8b1]
38 Mart's Monster Mod - Dungeons of MMM.esp [Version 3.8b1]
** Mart's Monster Mod for OOO - Knights .esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]
** Mart's Monster Mod - Shivering Isles.esp [Version 3.8b1]
39 Mart's Monster Mod - Zombies for Body Meshes.esp [Version 3.8b1]
3A OBSE Test Plugin.esp
** OCO DLC Faces.esp [Version 1.3]
3B Better Cities Full.esp [Version 6.0.7]
3C Better Cities - All Natural.esp [Version 6.0.4]
** Better Cities - Leyawiin Flooded.esp [Version 6.0.0]
3D Better Cities Chorrol - Knights of the Nine.esp [Version 6.0.7]
3E Better Cities - IC Imperial Isle.esp [Version 6.0.2]
3F Better Imperial City.esp [Version 6.0.7]
40 Bashed Patch, 1.esp

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My tip would be to try disable "Alternative Start by Robert Evrae" or move at the end before Bashed Patch. These type of mods are often in conflict with mods which heavily modifies cities or dialogue topics.


And in my opinion you are using too much water changing mods - Oblivion Reloaded, Natural Water and Enhanced Water does same thing - they are changing water properties, so I would recommend using only one of these. But they shouldn't make Oblivion crash.

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