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Modmapper: every Skyrim SE mod on an online interactive map


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I just released a new update (at https://modmapper.com) that adds some more functionality:

  • Allows you to select a particular file and plugin underneath a mod and see the cell edits that each makes. Now you can check how the edits change through each version of a mod.
  • A new "Add mod" button which opens a dialog to search for a mod, then select a plugin within that mod, and add it to your list. This "Added plugins" list is separate from the plugins that you might have added by selecting your Data folder. This can be useful for exploring how a a new mod might conflict with your load order, or for exploring a new load order.
  • In general, improved some of the performance and usability of the tool. Search now loads in the background without freezing the page, hiding and showing the sidebar has less lag. List of mods and cells now has pagination.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing all Nexus mods a plugin belongs to from showing up in the list on the plugin detail page.






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Modmapper now maps all Classic Skyrim (LE) mods in addition to Skyrim SE mods. That brings the total mapped mods to 85,939 now (containing 256,220 files, 440,058 plugins, and 28,696,732 recorded CELL edits).

I added an additional filter to the mod lists that allows you to filter to Skyrim LE, SE, or both. When you search for a mod, LE mods will be prefixed with "[LE]" and SE mods with "[sE]".

Edit: whoops just realized I missed about 1500 pages of the older Skyrim LE mods, gonna download those now as well. It will take a bit to go through those.

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