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Looking for Follower suggestions


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There is no shortage of companion and follower mods, I know, but what I am looking for is basically some that have more interactions than the vanilla followers. Commenting on quests, locations and even random banter.

I've always loved exploring Skyrim with fun companions around. And Nexus has a huge list to pick from. Although, if I am being honest, some are a bit of a disappointment. Not that I am dismissing the work the modders did. But it would be nice if the companions to comment on at least the main quest progress.

The dragonborn kills Alduin and you have nothing to say? Seriously?

I've tried a few that I liked. Serana Dialogue Add-on is amazing for the cheer amount of content and interactions. Remi and Sofia don't have has many but they are fun to have around and they do comment on the quests you are working on. Aurlyn was a bit of a disappointment. Sure her personal quest is super fun and I love her to death, but at the same time for someone who loves talking about everything she has surprising little to say about the progress of the Dragonborn.

So please, give me your suggestions for followers who feel alive and make your travels more fun!

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We didn't check to see if you posted this over on SR Mod-requests, but it might be one place to start.


This is exactly the kind of thought-process that moves people into becoming new mod-creators.


They have an idea no one else has succeeded at yet.



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Well obviously two of the best are Lucien and Inigo. I'm sure you have already tested those, but you didn't mention them. I pretty much leave them installed on all my playthroughs ..They comment on everything and talk to each other all the time. The ones I pretty much leave installed all the time are these since they all talk to each other and comment on most things happening in the game.





Anna's NPCs




The rest that is out there are not much better than vanilla followers other than cosmetically.

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