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redirected while idle to a phishing website


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www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/mods/ just viewing the mod listings for the game.


  • I use AVG Free anti virus software
  • unsure if it was an ad, but i got the fishing warning @ 950pm on 3/16/22. it appears it either came through one of the ads on the page, or it was an unauhorized redirect. At no time was i performing an activity that would have required a redirect.
  • The URL of the page you were on at the time, e.g. http://www.nexusmods.com/games/?
  • region Nebraska USA.
  • When sitting on the webpage for the mod listings, when i stepped away from the computer i came back to find an avg connection attempt blocked because of URL phishing. I was AFK when it occurred.
  • AVG aborted the connection however, it came from. 'DV.extremereach.com'.
  • i tried to provide a screen shot for this particular issue however it says that the file size is too large. it doesnt really matter since all of the needed information is provided here anyway.

Ad department should be more vigilant about what advertisers you do business with, and what websites they are linked to. otherwise there is no point in even reporting these issues further.

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