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{Mod Request & Mod Search}


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I have the original Skyrim. With all three DLC. The old version.




Mod Request


I would like to request someone to make a mod. What I would like is something that lets you choose to play as a teenager. 18, or 19, of course. But looks likes a teenager. And better looking than vanilla characters. Because, let's face it. The vanilla characters in Skyrim will not be winning any "You Look Good" contests.




Mod Search


I'm looking for two mods.


01 - Name Unknown - It's a Rarity dress mod. It gave the player a dress with Rarity's Cutie Mark. I think it did this by retexturing some armor. Sera-something armor, I think anyway. I lost the file long ago though.


02 - Name Unknown - I think it might have been "Skygate". But, I'm not sure. ??? It caused Skygates (Stargates with blue colored chevrons) to appear in every Hold. It created an event horizon you could step into. You could use them to travel between Holds.


Let me know.:)





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