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Custom Armor in Blender Help! (Probably shouldn't be posting this here?)


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So I'm in quite the pickle with a custom outfit I'm working on for New Vegas (Blender -> NifSkope -> GECK)

ahem, anyways...

I've made a set of armor in Blender, a Karate Gi, if you will.

For the most part, everything works. I can get it ported into Nifskope no issue, into Geck no issue, and of course into game no issue. My issue stems from "weight painting" the armor I guess.




(The Gi's texture is very primitive right now, I recently purchased a pack of brushes to spruce/dirty it up, don't hate on me!)




For the life of me, the right arm of my model just doesn't want to cooperate. I've weight painted it, tweaked the vertices, etc. but I cannot get it to function as a single piece of armor in game.


The left arm works fine, in fact, I don't think I had to do much with it to get it to work. I'm pretty sure it worked right out the box. It just that dang right arm that's been causing me grief for the last few days.


This is my second iteration of the Gi. I made it once before, but both arms were having this issue so I decided to remake the torso bit from the ground up again.

- StealthD

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I'm willing to offer to pay $15 to someone with experience in making custom armors to fix this issue for me (and please do let me know if this is against nexus rules).



This is against the rules.


If you want the vertices from two different mesh parts to move together then those vertices have to be weighted identically. Go through each vertex on the arm and the chest and compare their weights for every single bone. Sometimes Blender does something weird like it picks up a weight to a bone that it shouldn't and you'll have to zero out its weight for that bone.


If the arms and the chest use the same texture then you can join the two meshes and merge the vertices so that there is no seam at all. The left arm is usually a separate piece since it has a PipboyOn mesh and a PipboyOff mesh so that the outfit can be worn by the player with a Pipboy or by an NPC with no Pipboy.

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