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Invisible modded guns

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I have modded Fallout 4 with a little over 20 different gun mods, some of them seem to work aside from these,


(there my be more but these are the ones I found)



Mosin Nagant


I spent a good amount of time looking at 5+ year old forums on how to fix it with no solution to be found, aside from changing ini files, half of which I cannot find. I have made sure to have the basics installed like F4SE and Unofficial Patch, and even made sure to start a new game and still have invisible weapons. Am I missing something here or do the mods no longer work?


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At least one of those, is not compatible with the most current version of the game, per it's upload date. The very last one you linked, is very, very iffy. I can't remember exactly when the version .162 update for the game was released upon us.

Try installing the version update patcher https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/42497 and see if that helps.


Also, those .ini file modifications, when relating to being able to use mods, are mandatory. If you can't find them, open a window for the drive that you have the game installed on, and type the name of the ini file in the search window, and have windows find them.


Hope this helps :)

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