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How To Downgrade MCC/Install Older Versions for Outdated Mods

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(Tutorial Below)

Okay so this means a lot to me and I'm really disappointed to see the lack of support and people talking about this topic, so it seems I need to be the one to take it upon myself to help spread the word about this. I've been seeing a few comments on some mods around the Nexus of people saying things like "Delete this mod because it's broken" and "Nobody download this because it doesn't work" and I'm so tired of it because I don't want all of these amazing mods to die, disappear and be deleted just because so many people are ignorant, lazy and don't seem to realize that downgrading is even a possibility. And the worst part that makes me so sad is seeing NOBODY replying to these comments, informing them of the possibility of downgrading and pointing them in the right direction. So I'm going to leave this post here in the hopes that maybe it will spread awareness of this topic and hopefully help some people experience these amazing mods who would otherwise give up and miss out. Please bear with me, I'm literally just going to copy/paste the exact tutorial I already typed in the comment section of the Noble Team Mk V Armor mod, because I just spent like 5 hours typing all of this and I don't feel like typing a whole new thing just for the sake of rewording it. You'll figure it out from there if you care enough.

"Everybody listen up. I'm here to leave my comment and provide a tutorial on how I got this mod working again. I will tell you all how to get this mod to work so you can enjoy it. I'm very disappointed in seeing the lack of support for this mod, both from the creator and the comment section. Everybody complaining down in these comments about how this mod is "broken" or "outdated" is showing how ignorant and lazy they are, no offense. This is what shows HOW MUCH YOU PEOPLE CARE about this mod. If you don't care very much about the mod, then you are not going to put in the effort to get it to work like I have, you're just going to leave a short complaint in the comments and move on. I, on the other hand, care VERY VERY VERY much about this mod, and refuse to let it die, so I actually took the time to learn how to downgrade the MCC and install an older version of the game that works, AND am taking the time to give all of you a tutorial on how to do it. So here is the tutorial:

IMPORTANT: This only works with the Steam version of the game, sorry it doesn't work for the Xbox Gamepass version or whatever that one is.

1. Understand that this is going to take some time, like it might take pretty much a whole day/weekend IF you plan on downloading multiple/all of the campaigns/multiplayer maps in the MCC, which you don't have to do. Do not be discouraged by this, it is very simple and easy once you understand what to do, and absolutely worth it. From start to finish this took me from Friday night to Sunday morning to accomplish. One weekend is absolutely worth it to me if it means having and enjoying this mod for the rest of my life. Also understand as well this may require a LOT of HDD/SDD space if you want to have backups or want to have the new version and old version installed at the same time. You guys may not have to do this if you don't want to, but I currently have 4 copies of the game installed across multiple drives just to be safe. I will explain more about this later. You're probably gonna want backups just in case Steam decides it wants to update the game and break all your mods again.

2. Watch these 2 tutorial videos. This is how I learned how to get older versions of the MCC for mods that are outdated. I will give a text-based summary here of the steps you should take. Just watch and listen, and rewind and re-watch these videos multiple times if you have to, I know I had to many times because this was pretty confusing for me at first. I will also leave a para-phrased step-by-step list here that helps summarize the process he explains in these videos. All credit goes to Stevieroth for these videos, without him I would be lost and very sad.

3. So now that you've watched all of Stevieroth's tutorials, you should pretty much understand mostly everything, and know what you need to do now. Basically in short, the first thing you have to do is figure out which version of the game you have to download for the mods you want to use. For this particular mod, the last time I personally played the game with this mod working for me was January 8th 2022, so that means we want to download the version of the game that was published last right before that date. If you look in the depots section on Steamdb > click on "MCC - Base Depot -- 976731" > then click on the "manifests" tab, you will see a list of all the different "versions" of the game that have ever been released. As of right now, the last version of the game where this mod worked is the one that says "30 November 2021 -- 1018723109337407870"

4. Now that you know which version of the "MCC - Base Depot" you need (which is just the Main Menu btw), download that shiz. How do you download that shiz, you may ask? Well that's what Stevieroth's "My Batch File" is for. He explains how to use it in the videos. You need to right click the .bat file and click "edit" or "Open with Notepad" and type in the numbers for the Game ID, Depot and Manifest, as well as your Steam login details. Then save the file and double click it to start the download. This must be done for each game's Campaign and Multiplayer maps that you want individually. That's why this takes like a whole day/weekend if you want them all. Keep in mind you don't have to download them all if you don't want to for whatever reason. If you exclusively want this mod only for Halo Reach, then you only need to download the Base Depot and the Reach Campaign, that's it.

5. Chill and listen to some music and smoke some doobies or something while waiting. No seriously, since you can only download one thing at a time (as far as I know, I didn't try more than one at a time. It might be possible if you try hard enough), you're gonna have to babysit the downloads, so as soon as one thing finishes you gotta be there to queue up the next download. It shouldn't be too bad though if you make it fun; I had a great and nostalgic time smokin' up my room, blasting all of the Halo OSTs all day and listening to classic early 2000's rock songs such as Headstrong by Trapt or Last Resort by Papa Roach, you know, songs with very similar vibes to Blow Me Away and fitting of the time when Halo 2 was new. I highly recommend it, it was honestly pretty fun.

6. After downloading the Main Menu and all the Depots for the Campaigns/Multiplayer Maps, now all you need to do is copy/cut and paste each of the game's Depots into the game's corresponding folder within the MCC hub folder from the Base Depot. There you go, congratulations, after putting them all together you now have your complete downgraded version of the MCC. Now you can install your mods to it.

7. Take the outdated mod and install it to the outdated version of the game. Follow the instructions provided in the description of the mods you want. For this particular mod, all you have to do is replace Reach's Campaign maps with the ones provided by the mod. Very simple and easy.

8. Profit

If I missed anything or left out an important detail, I'm sorry this was a lot to type. Again Stevieroth's tutorials taught me pretty much everything so if you watch his vids you probably don't even need my guide. If you have any questions or confusions about the tutorial, ask me and I'll reply when I eventually come back to this comment section every once in a while."

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