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Fallout New Vegas Doesn't Want to Stick Around


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So, recently bought Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition on the Microsoft Store(First mistake, I know I know). Anyway, I can have it show up and validate on the Vortex Launcher if I have it scan the file it's in, but the game won't stay put on the Launcher. I have to rescan every time I want to change things for it on Vortex. This is vaguely annoying but not a lot more so I figured if anyone knew why that might be happening and/or how to fix it.

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My guess is youre not going to find this response particularly helpful, but as Microsoft, in their infinite wisdom, has decided that things you buy from their store should be installed to a place that is not alway easily accessible to other apps, Im gonna suggest it anyway, just in case nobody responds with something ACTUALLY helpful. And I hope they do, for your sake.


Get a refund and go buy the game from Steam or GOG. Vortex works fine with both of those. There are a couple of advantages with the GOG version, but not big enough to worry about if, for instance, Steam has it on significant discount, which they often do.

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Make sure you actually have the latest version of Vortex. I'm pretty sure we fixed a problem related to this a few versions back.


Failing that, please report this in the app, including a log file, after you have started Vortex and the game is undiscovered.

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