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Issues with 1.8.0 mods


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This could very well be user error. I've modded this game a lot in the past versions and never had any serious issues, even as the game updated. Load order has been a main culprate. And sometimes it's just reinstalling. Or uploading fewer mods at a time.

For some reason, the 1.8.0 version of the game, I have been having a heck of time getting any mods to work. This includes mods that have been updated to be compatable for this version. They crash the game, or they don't load up at all. And I'm trying to figure out if it's something that I'm doing. Is it an issue with Vortex (although manually installing the mods manually hasn't helped either.)


I'm just really baffled. I can see one or two mods having a few flaws and not loading. That always happens. Modders aren't perfect. But literally mod after mod after mod after mod just fails to work in one way or another and I can't figure it out.

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