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I don't know what is causing problems in some npc's dialogs. I've searched all over the vortex and I can't find the specific mod. The mod disappears some dialogs of the npc and puts the saves of my games in $SAVE CORRUPT.

The mod adds the following dialogs:

- May we speak a moment?

- Perhaps somewhere more private?

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It looks as some conflict with another mod. In Oblivion for example all dialogs and topics are tied to running quests, so if two mods are editing the same, the mod loaded later wins and removes all changes made by earlier. And if you can't find this mod on Nexus you can try LoversLab (it's more "specialized" page). In worst case I believe you can find some substitute there.


If you have some experience, you can try some advanced mod managers or tools with conflict detectors to help you locate the problem.


A little warning if you're going to LoversLab - this page also offers mods for minors or for ones with minor "tastes", so you must be a little open-minded.

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