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Fallout New Vegas 2 May be on the works


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Retrofuturism is fine. You don't even need a timeline to create that because that depicts the world BEFORE feces hits the fan.

The issue is the timeline AFTER, and what the world looks like after.


210 years removed and the largest settlement in the Commonwealth looks like it was formed 5 years after the bombs fell?

THAT is the disconnect, and all advancing timeline even further into the future will do is make that disconnect even worse in future installments if they think they can just keep on extending the date.

I mean look at the lack of creative expression in Starfield? That is a brand new IP and they seem content with just reusing things from past games.


I hold no hope for future developments of either FO or ES based on what we see with Starftield. I mean they were working with a clean slate and the game seems empty.

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