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Skyrim Not Recognising New Meshes/Textures


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Okay. So, been playing Skyrim for ages. Recently had to troubleshoot and reinstall, but it was working fine for a week or two now, then I get the weirdest glitch all of a sudden-- I kill a necromancer and remove her robe. (new character, gotta get that really basic enchantment off it).

She is wearing the default underwear on top, and has no legs. My body of choice is a UUNP body based off of UN7B.

The only mods I've added besides this are male-related SOS( due to a Witcher set requiring it, and being one of the few sets with standalone pants for men), a Witcher Set (I don't have the link to it, or even know what it looks like. I just use the pants), and a homemade mod that adds a robeless sash based off the Apprentice Mage set. This is for both genders, but having built it myself and used it before for many ears, I know it's not the issue.

So I do some tinkering--First I try simply re-installing my bodyslide, then remove some of my more recently installed mods, relating to default vampire appearances(so I figure it might modify default appearances of non-vampires somehow?), and then the above mentioned mods. But neither attempts seem to fix it.

At most I managed to get her legs to reappear. But her body is still default. It's a t this point that I also check female PCs and they also have the issue. I notice that the texture is a bit off at this point too; more freckles than the texture I have applied.

When Googling I found info that says Custom Races could cause issues, so I uninstall it just to be sure. Still no fix.


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