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An idea for settlers to build their own upgradeable settlements


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Aren't settlements, although allied to the minutemen, technically independent settlements, so why do they all look to just one minuteman to build every aspect of each settlement? Shouldn't it be a community effort?


So my idea is inspired by mods like Amazing Follower Tweaks, and Sim Settlements. A mod, for when you unlock a new workshop, it gives you the option to create a prebuilt and furnished settlement, like in the two aforementioned mods, to save you form having to build the settlement from scratch.


Except the prebuilt settlement is a very basic settlement, a roof over heads for a few settlers, some food, water, power and a few defences. Enough for them to get by as a starter settlement, until they can establish themselves.


Then after some time has passed, either when the settlement reaches a certain number of settlers, or the player reaches a certain level, or after so many in game days, an upgrade for the settlement becomes available.


When you then visit that settlement and activate the workshop, you get an option to upgrade the settlement. If you choose to upgrade, the buildings and furnishings delete themselves then auto build improved building, where you get a market square, a small basic crafing workshop, more crops, storage sheds and improved defences. Maybe a few seperate houses


The second upgrade could add a barn, perimeter walls, an improved crafting workshop, and further improved defences, and improved resources.


A third upgrade, after a certain time could Improve the settlement further by turning it into a fully fledged city for larger settlements, or a fully fledged Farmstead for smaller settlements.


The whole point of this idea is to give the illusion that Settlers are looking after themselves and building and improving their own settlements, rather then sitting on their arses and relying on the player.


The normal workshop functions should still be available, so you can scrap junk, scrap bits of the settlement, make your own changes and amendments to the settlement and add items from other mods like workshop decorations, burning campfires and fireplaces or sandbag fortifications, and build your own little bolthole or apartment within the settlement, for you to get your head down while exploring.


The basic idea is for the settlers to look after themselves and build their own settlements, while allowing you to make tweaks


Thanks for your time.

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