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[Mod Request] Left-Handed Chosen Undead


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Hey, everyone, this is my first time posting to any of the forums here and I'm wondering if any modders can help me with something. You see I'm interested in playing Dark Souls: Remastered for the first time and I'd preferably like to create a character after myself and do some role-playing as many would. There's just one issue: I'm left-handed IRL and would like that to be reflected in my character. I know from research that Dark Souls does let you put weapons in your left hand, but the movesets are completely borked and many actions like backstabs, shield use in right hand, ripostes, and falling stabs are just not able to be performed with left-handed weapons. Is there any way a mod might be created that allows for left-handed characters so I can roleplay properly without sacrificing the intended gameplay experience?

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