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Constant 0% Chance on VATS - Clean Install no Mods


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Hi, i've been encountering this weird bug on a new win11 clean install. I first saw it while i was testing a complete VIVA NEW VEGAS setup followed step by step. After tinkering with mods for a while i decided to run a clean install from the vanilla launcher and the bug still presents itself.


The bug basically shows me a 0% hit chance in VATS exept for the head (on humans, if i target VIctor in VATS it is completely 0) no matter the distance, the weapon i'm using or the weapon skill (with player.setav guns 100 it seem to only affect the head.)


- i've installed every vc++ library the VNV guide recommmends

- checked on GPU/CPU drivers, machine sais they're the latest.

- tried to run it in compatibiltiy mode (win7) doesn't change anything

- tried running the game from MO2 with only the basics stability and bugfix plugins, no difference.

- game folder outside of "program files", INIs aren't read only


I've encountered no other problem so far, but i haven't progressed beyond goodsprings. Any idea??


btw, this guy has the same problem: https://steamcommunity.com/app/22380/discussions/0/3376032962066580624/?tscn=1667244324


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never touched Reloaded. I though too it was something that could persist a reinstall, however i went as far as deleting everything MO2 related and resintalled the manager itself. before making a clean install I deleted the main folder as well as the INI folder in /my games. Curiosly melee is working fine, and if i target someone with the spears from the preorder pack it shows a weirdly perfect 71% on every limb.

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