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'Sup, modders and dreamers - First off, I used to constantly download mods for Oblivion. My number one favorite was the one that replaced the music with Lord of the Rings music. (Hell, it even inspired me to make my own music mod. I never uploaded it, it was for personal use. I regret that decision.)


I want this on Skyrim. I can help in any way I can, being the music-mod self-proclaimed "sharing between friends" entrepreneur I am.


I did find a video that had what I was seeking, but it's not an official Nexus mod, so I am unsure of the quality. It seems fantastic from the video though.


Link here. ♥



Anyways, Talos guide us to a much-needed music mod.

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Due of copyright issues you can't simply upload a mod conaining the soundtrack to the Nexus. You could only create a basic mod that plays the songs in the desired situation and people, who own the soundtrack, have to rip/convert the songs themselves.


On the other side, these people might be able to do the whole thing on their own since it's not such a big deal and there are music-replacer tutorials around so this kind of mod wouldn't get that much attention i guess.

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