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Skyrim VR in Legendary Edition.


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Why is there still no VR mod for the legendary edition? If Bethesda they could make a crooked mod on special edition then why can't normal mod creators make it for the legendary edition?

I'm not great at this, but depending on how many mods there are for the legendary edition, it would be better if VR was in it. There are almost no mods for the special edition. Especially popular ones. Nobody needs a special version when there is a legendary one. Am I wrong?

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Dead wrong. Legendary Edition was a 2013 repackage of the 2011 original, so you no longer needed to separately buy the 3 official DLCs. If you owned original and did buy all DLCs, there was zero reason to get LE. It was basically same game with same old 32bit engine.


Special Edition was a complete overhaul and remaster of LE, released in 2016. It has new 64bit engine. Anyone owning original+DLC or LE, got a free copy of SE.

At the time, LE was also discontinued on Steam. Allegedly, one can still get a copy, but they would have to jump some hoops.



Just FYI, about 90% of Oldrim(LE) mods work out of the box on SE. If I have SE set as active in Vortex, I can click 'get through mod manager' on Nexus and it installs right in. Other 10% (typically real old ones) need to get their assets run through CAO.

Only maybe a tiny handful developed specifically for 32bit SKSE and never recompiled for SKSE64 form an exception. But all really major stuff was ported.


One thing true is that asset-creation modding tools (meshes, animations) are more available for old format. So creators often first build assets for LE and then port.


LE is limited to 255 plugins. No ESL support. On SE, one can run 4000+ plugins.


Now,VR. It was not a "mod". It was a separate title that took a significant amount of development, and was NOT free. I paid $60+ for it on launch day.


Yes, it uses all the assets from SE, but the engine was heavily changed. It is not VorpX-like which just distorts image for headset and remaps controls. The game actually renders the visuals simultaneously from two cameras for proper 3D effect.

Which often means 2x GPU load and 2x memory requirement. I doubt it could be even possible on old 32bit LE architecture. I can run SE in 4K with full-blast ENB no problem, but VR makes my RTX3080Ti sweat.


So, there you go.

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