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Specular maps for Artorias Berserk Armor replacer


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Hello Modders and mod users,

I am looking for someone to help me port a mod. from PTDE to DSR
Now I am speaking about this jewel:



The original mod replaces Artorias boss as Guts Berserker form, however it also ioncluded a set replacer, which I am trying to port.

The author sent me a google drive link, as the original was hidden. Blessed be: Katboi01

Now, I have successfully been able to port the models into DSR, however I'm stuck at the specular mapping.

The armor, though loaded, doesn't have the correct material reflections etc because DSR handles specular mapping different.

I tried editing the .dds files and when I export them neither DXT1 works or other compressions like bC5 or BC5.

I am quite confused and if someone is willing to help in order to enjoy this mod in DSR.

I can share the files for anyone interested, just send me a message, but I really need help here!


Looking forward to whoever can help!

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