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Custom Teleports


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Having searched, I did not find a mod with an infinite number of custom teleports.


The idea is that we drop a teleport object at our feet ready to teleport back later. I'm fairly sure there is no way to get these to show, let alone make these selectable on the game menu maps. The solution being to use MenuQue and a few OBSE tricks on clone maps.


When we click an inventory item or select it's hotkey it drops the teleport object in front of us - as long as there is no other in that cell.

That requires adding the object to inventory, dropping it then getting a handle on it's reference - 2 routines of code can find that reference and add it to a 2 dimensional array. A routine prior to that will use 1 of those routines to exclude inter cell duplication - for obvious reasons.


Using MenuQue to load Cyrodiil and SE map dds to present relative teleport icons for 'Select' should be fairly straight forward.


Doing the same for a custom worldspace would be a problem, the routines need to get a handle on the worldspace image, can we do that?

In the end, has anyone done a custom teleport mod like this, is it worth doing?




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I rememeber seeing mostly Morrowind like Recall-Teleport replacers so your approach can be definitely original. So why not?


Regarding worldspace image - do you mean its local map? In docs I see that GetWorldMapData should work on custom worldspaces too. If this worldspace doesn't have any, my guess is you would create a button to show player there are custom teleports present and after he clicks on it, the message box or your custom menu will be opened with a list of these teleports to choose from.

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