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What does raminus polus give upon acceptance to the au?


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After earning all recommendations of the mages guild you speak to raminus polus in the au reception room. What does he give you? Is it a key and robes?

For me the quest is bugged and rami has nothing to say about my hard work, so I'm going to force entry with setstage. But I need to know if he gives a key

and any other things so I can additem the stuff and get past the doors to that erotically glorious enchanting station. I do have the mages guild quests mod

but that just adds a quest npc to the reception room and afaik doesn't touch rami poli. I can also just use frostcraig spire but I want to complete the quest.


Does he give robes and an au key or do all the doors unlock upon quest complete?

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Got it sorted out

using setstage and setfactionrank did not unlock that door. raminus is in full control of it

the reason reason he had nothing to say was one of the mods I was using called guildadvancement.esp

there were further unspoken requirements I needed for him to be able to advance me to apprentice. I think I needed to certify skills

unfortunately raminus was either teaching me a lesson by being cryptic or I didn't exist because I didn't meet criteria


that mod seems good for roleplaying a full mage but I just wanted to use the chironasium because ooo and moo are merciless by design

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@GamerRick Tyvm for the link. Idk if you would agree but another good mod for enchanting is enchantment mastery which allows multiple enchants on items depending on your mysticism skill

I enchanted a ring to fortify speed and restore fatigue. Mobility is a must for a sprint mod and dungeons where multiple actors are summoning creatures and you have no companions

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