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Crusader : No Remorse


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im sure most of you know what DOS is, if not, ill try to explain what i know of it.


DOS is what we had before windows, or any other operating system with a gui (graphical user interface) DOS is a simple text based OS(?) that is entirely used through commands, and yes, there was games for it.


One in particular, Crusader : No Remorse, this game i have been playing ever since the day i picked it up, a third person shooter (like a 45 degree angle) where you control a "silencer" set out by the rebel's to destroy the W.E.C.

The game wasnt a simple run and shoot game either, you could kill people without using your guns, taking advantage of the hazardous environment, you could blow up barrels, control mech's and even blow up parts of a walkway for the enemy to plunge to their doom.

What really made this game stand out in its time as the graphics, it looked perfect, and in my opinion, still does, the explosion effects, blood, everything, it all looks great and always will.

Then there was the sound, the music, sortof like techno only better (hard to explain, ill record the music one day with a program and post it somewhere if i can) always suited the mood, fast paced, and the actual sound was just as good, explosions, the guns, people screaming and howling as they've been completely "microwaved" by a gun powered from your shield.


The game is now abandonware, so yes, its legal to download from the internet, i doubt its legal to post a link to many of the DOS game sites i know on this forum, but a quick goodle search will come up with the results.

Also, for those running XP (like me) youll need a app called DOSBox, this is a DOS emulator for XP, basically, its built to emulate a X86 (286/386/486), how it runs really depends on your processor, i have no idea why it can be so slow, but on 1.6ghz p4 its running fine for me (you can adjust the speed)


One day if people begin to use DOSBox and cant figure out most of the commands i might make a short/simple description on what they are and what they do.

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That would be really helpful. I've tried to use DOSBox to run it, but i haven't had any luck. Shakkara, a Crusader obsessee, said:

Crusader needs the most pure DOS ever it seems otherwise it will crash on startup with all kinds of errors. It won't run under WinXP. Get a small harddisk of a couple of GB and install Windows98.
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dumb question,


is there any way (fixed exec files perhaps, like LBA) for crusader no remorse to work on winxp without using Dosbox, cus that runs reaaly bad on my pc?

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