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Porting from nexus to bathesda (for Xbox)


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Hey guys and gals, Ive decided to try and reach out for help in understanding the process of porting better.. I have only just this year started playing video games and getting into technology and was born in 88 so its a bit frustrating for me. I downloaded the steam app and got creation kit for it to use on my laptop but everything I download goes into a different area than what the creation kit will pull files from. Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?
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Windows will download files to generally your "downloads" folder. These are generally archives of some sort, be it .zip, .7z, .rar, etc. So, first you need to "unzip" the archive, then place the extracted files in your data folder. (or, use a mod manager to do that for you, which is generally the best plan for a beginner) Of course, this assumes you have the game installed on PC as well. (and if you do, why don't you just play on PC???) Once the mod is actually installed to the game folder, the CK will then see 'em, and you can edit them to your hearts content.


Bear in mind, if you are going to upload those files to Bethesda's site, you need permission from the original author. No permissions, no uploading.

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