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Starfield Automatron + Servitron


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The idea is simple: Since we're going to have a companion robot called Vasco, what's to stop us from building more companion robots? Do you know about Fallout 4's Automatron DLC? You would build as many robots as you could, that would be amazing, imagine an army of machines or creating a lunar base with robots running the place everywhere?

Now, there is a Mod called Servitron, which created the ability to build a humanoid robot, which could use weapons and clothes, as if it were a person, but it is a machine. Not to mention that this mod is kind of "hot", because Assauntrons modified to the maximum (including a CBBE)!

Now the creativity goes to whoever wants to implement this, take robots from references from other games (Atomic Heart, Fallout, Haydee, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Warhammer, Warframe, Destiny, Anthem, Titanfall, etc) It would be so cool and it would definitely give a factor very extensive gameplay. What do you say?

aesthetic examples:


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