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Video notifications link to /videos/1 instead of the correct video


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When I get notifications regarding video uploads all of them work fine apart from the videos posted by the member OldAndMod, I've been following them for quite sometime now but all of a sudden in the past week or so when I click on the notification I get the message in an orange box saying ''video not found'' .. if I go to their profile / videos I can see and watch them, so I'm not sure what's happening since, like I said all other video upload notifications from other members work fine, I have contacted them but they don't know why either.

Just yesterday I recieved another video notification from the same member OldAndMod called SKYRIM Special Edition 4K - Episode 67 Chasing Echoes

When I clicked on the notification instead of getting the ''video not found'' message, that I've been getting, I got directed tothis video . this is the link to the correct video here

This is a link to one of the posted videos where I get the ''video not found message'' here

Thanks for any info on the problem.

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When I receive a notification that one of the authors I track has posted a new video, the notification does not link to the relevant video, and instead links to nexusmods.com/<game>/videos/1 (the first video ever posted for that game instead of the new video). Tested in Firefox Nightly and Edge Dev. There is no corresponding issue with image posts, those notifications link correctly.

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