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Outpost blocked


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Hello there!

I think i'm not alone on this situation ! When I arrived in my outpost, everything is blocked, workbench etc ! The only issu is to reload the last save but when you switch a outpost, i'll reload again the save because everything is blocked again... It's really tiring and breaks the desire to progress with outposts. I've been playing for over 3 days (IG) now and I've hardly done anything with the outposts because they're so buggy.


I'll hope there is a saviour in this world to solve this sh**ty problem!


Thx for your answers !

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I get this issue at a few of my outposts...

The only way I have found to clear it is to move the beacon again and leave and return until it works... 50% hit ratio and my Denubla outpost just doesn't fix at all... I know an outpost is bugged before getting to the workbenches because the NPCs including robots will not move from the beacon... Which kinda speeds up the process... But I kinda gave up after reaching level 60 and getting my ships up to scratch...


I've also got an outpost which is impossible to fly to directly, always land well away from it at the same spot where I first landed and have to fast travel from there...

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