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Community Patch and Achievements


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Hi all,


I'm doing my vanilla play-through and have seen that there is a community patch available from Nexusmods.


I know that modding the game disables achievements and was wondering, does this patch count as "modding". I have so many bugged quests (like everyone else) and the patch is supposed to address some of these so I really would like to download and run it... but I don't want it to affect my achievements.



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Yes, it does. All mods do, unless they are officially released Bethesda ones - of which there are currently none, because without the CK, almost any mod being created now is done using hacks, work arounds, or improperly made tools, regardless of how well meaning the intentions may be. And that includes the community patch.


The best advice is to wait until the CK is released and properly made mods are created - or, if you are willing to use mods in their current state, consider your current playthrough to be a throw-away and be prepared to start a new game with new mods after the CK is released.


If you are willing to accept the risk of using mods now, there is also a mod that re-enables achievements:


Achievement Enabler at Starfield Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)


​Since it does not require SFSE, it is not affected by game updates.


Good luck!

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