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Actor object error "GetNumItems is not a function or does not exist"


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Trying to create an activemagiceffect that will work with the total amount of gold value held by the target, but it doesn't appear to see, or will not caste, the Actor into a ObjectReference.

https://ck.uesp.net/wiki/ObjectReference_Script "(Container only) Returns the number of forms in the container. (Actor ObjectReferences are containers)"

Scriptname XX_temp extends activemagiceffect  
Event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
    Int iFormIndex = akTarget.GetNumItems()
    Int total = 0
    While iFormIndex > 0
        iFormIndex -= 1
        Form kForm = akTarget.GetNthForm(iFormIndex)
        total += kForm.GetGoldValue() * akTarget.GetItemCount(kForm)
XX_temp.psc(4,27😞 GetNumItems is not a function or does not exist
XX_temp.psc(4,5😞 type mismatch while assigning to a int (cast missing or types unrelated)
XX_temp.psc(8,24😞 GetNthForm is not a function or does not exist


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