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Just signed up, question about map mods


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Hi there, long-time Fallout 4 player here, taking my first steps into the world of mods 🤩  And after sifting through the map mods, I'm not sure which one to pick.  Basically, I'm looking for a map mod that adds as many of those little areas of interest the vanilla map just doesn't cover (a great example would be a marker for the small tunnel underneath the first Red Rocket Truck stop).  There is more than one mod for this, so, which one would you recommend?

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Oh where to begin,..

Do you want just need lands ot explore and have no urge for big quests?

then here are some great choices from Zorkaz on of the rockstars of Fallout new lands mods you cna really lose yourself in the atmosphere of some of this new lands mods.



(I even built a large settlement in the next one:)


This one is also has grippign atmosphere:


This one has a small quest and also great atmophere,



Then there is also Neeher's Xander's Aid, Neeher is also a rockstar of fallout 4 modding.

This one has a significant quest tied in with a new landscape and some of the best loot of any DLC.


I usually have all of those installed same time.

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PS: after rereading your post ther eis also Atmoic World.

Its not the onyl one of its genre but IMO the best, adds tons of new small locations allover the commonewealth.

I wish I had this in ym first playthrough.

No huge loot but just enough to make it worth your while to explore the locations.


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