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  1. Despite the bland main quest, due to the mods Fallout 4 will be a game I will keep playing for years. There are some mods that turn the main quest off completely on day 1 for example. Also there are so many more mods to try, I havent even tried sim settlement story lines yet. I dont understand the subject well, but many modders say Starfield in the way it is set-up is diffcult to mod ( ie fix) and so will never get the attention Skyrim and Fallout got which is sad. Sounds like this Emil guy is a piece of work but it does not mean Beth will be forever broken. Other good writers will eventually appear and take over.
  2. I used the offline step by step manual installation too (thats what you mean yes?) and this is what it looks like.
  3. Update have not added any memory yet. Everything running fine. Set up one Vortex profile working and tested just with my "essential" 200 mods on fallout 4, plus a 2nd profilewith same 200 plus a dozen or so AAF/LL mods (havent tested that one yet) Still feel I am missing some "nice to haves" since my normal mods list is 300+ but I can play like this. The laptop runs great, during testing I took my character to a location that gives my desktop (i9 10900KF, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD, RTX 4070) some noticable slowdown (when I stand in front of and look at a giant hotel mod on spectacle Island) and it seems unaffected. This is the spot: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26829
  4. Update: Everything running fine. Set up one profile working and tested just with my "essential" 200 mods plus another 2nd one with a dozen of so AAF mods (havent tested that one yet) Still feel I am missing some "nice to haves" since my normal mods list is 300+ but I can play like this. The laptop runs great, during testing I took my charcter to a location that gives my desktop (i9 10900KF, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD, RTX 4070) some slowdown ( a giant hotel mod without internal cells to "save" on system load on spectacle Island) and it seems unaffected. But then again I dont have Luxors HD pack installed yet and I am sure it will give the machine abit extra to chew on.
  5. I seem to recall that I need to change one of the .ini files to be able to walk past the border. I dont have the instructions handy ( anyone?) But also check this out, the .ini files look different in the GOG version, there are new versions of them, This is the GOG version not downloaded via GOG galaxy wizard, but via manual download. Thoughts?
  6. I never played Nuka Rida but I know what it is since I lurk a lot on LL. I was looking into Commonwealth slavers because the concept is so plausible/human with a post apoc society. However some of the content I read about I found silly, the headshaving and pervasive tatooing. Why would these slavers vandalize their own girls like that? Its more like a modern fetish and didnt make any sense to me in a Post Apoc. The way the mod starts from the reviews I gleaned was very plasubible/realistic but some stuff that I read about later in the (which I wont mention here) crossed some lines for me. So I never downloaded it .
  7. Update. Fixed the CTDs via trial and error. NAC-X for some reason, does not show up in the MCM even though the .esps are enabled. I am trying to remember do i build a holotape for it first? None of my AAF mods are enabled right now, those are the hardest to make work and now i just want to make sure the machine works. Speaking of which I get the weird "you are looking through a tunnel goggle " effect that is usually the hallmark of a weak machine running on too high settings. An older rig of mine did that when I ran NAC-X (which is a bit resource hungry and sometimes it was a but much for my old rig) And yes I have most settings on ultra but this laptop has a i9 14900, an Gen 4 SSD, 64GB of DDR5 RAM and a RTX 4090 (ok yes, I know I laptop 4090 is not quite even a desktop 4080 but still i should have ZERO issues with these specs) EDIT: Did not notice that issue in another 30 min of gameplay, even though i made a point to go to visually demanding areas, seemed to be so far in vault and right after exit EDIT2: I am using the GOG version on this computer.
  8. PS: As an addtion, I would like a mod where coursrs feature more prominently either as brave allies to help you, or determined enemies to hunt you (or for you to hunt)
  9. So my new gaming laptop came in yesterday. yayy I thought it would not be too difficult to set it up to match my 340 + mods FO4 on my desktop (haha!) I had nearly all my mods loaded on a thumbdrive and was loading them up into Vortex (poor internet connection in hotel, thumbdrive was much faster, albeit still took hours) to load them on my USB 3.0) I knew there was a risk and set up profiles first with 20 mods enabled ( the basics plus) then 40 then 80 then 140, but I tested it out down the way. And after about 60 mods I would get constant CTD trying to start up game regardless whether new game or a loaded start.. Also this took forever. My internet connection is not good here in the hotel otherwise I would upload my stuff to collections and download it new. But I need really good internet for that since I have a LOT of mods including some large ones, and even then downloading my own mods as a collection does not guarantee the absence of problems. Anyway... thats just me venting I will figure out my CTDs, back to the real point of this post. In my desktop setup i have both bodyslide and F4SE tabs attached to the top left in Vortex ready to use. ( see pic) . Yet for some reason I cant accomplish the same thing on my new machine, its been 18 months since I originally set up my modded FO4 and I didnt really know what I was doing back then and tried a lot of random things and some worked. Not so sure I now know what I am doing, since I cannot reproduce this. Any tips on how to attach my bodyslide and FSE tabs to the top of Vortex? I seen it like that so long I thought it was default as soon as you installed those 2 mods but clearly it isnt
  10. There is also a mod that fleshes that out. Where you can take away power from some elements of the directorate by having a couple of extra loyal ( to you) coursers crash the meeting and make it clear to them they cannot hope for help when you threaten them with death if they dont cooperate. I never played it though, was too lazy (and I really do love what the MM can become if you give them determined leadership and resorurce enrichment over the game months, for example I collected almost every power armor frame in the game, includig DLCs, turned it into a working kit and bought extra armor pieces at various sources or plundered them of dead BoS troops. As a result the castle hosts a strike force of 7 power armored Rangers equipped with heavy weapons, some legendary and all important settlements have at least one Armored Ranger in their defense force, the larger ones two. this is via a mod that allowws me to assign non companions ot PA which is common sene IMHO) If I was running the institute the Gen 1 and 2 synths would be put to work cleaning up the rubble in the streets, the Coursers would all get power Armor and improved weapons and clean up the CW kinetically. There would be an Institute embassy/consulate of sorts in the largest settlements such as DC and GN but perhaps a couple other large ones (I usually make Starlight and Sancturay quite large) and there would be a truth and reconciliation commission to work through the crimes committed so the families of kindnapped victims would get closure.
  11. PS: This is a great way to test out new mods too if they are compatible. For example you can clone your profile then copy paste your last couple games from your current profile (be sure to include the f4se file too). Then add that mod, say a new skin for female faces and then open up the game in your new profile to see how it has affected everyone. If its an improvement, great. if it turns all your girls into monsters then there is no harm done because your original savefile is unaffected as the mod acts only on the profile it is enabled in.
  12. I am going to bump this thread, since I would like to hear people's thoughts on the matter.
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