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Ive seen some mods and some flaws when modding the game and I had a couple of thoughts I wanted to post on forum maybe somebody who can do something will come along who knows.


_ Keyblade over writing.  I noticed that alot of mods overlay a listing rather than adding inventory.  when there are the mods for the console keyblades that add into the moogle shop.  why not make modded blades a item shop listing, more over couldnt it be possible to look into extending the game script limit for how many keyblade slots  (icon paneling) from player inventory and moogle enhancing to accommodate a custom extended keyblade limit to resolve repurchasing on game launch.

it would be easier to add more shop listings for extended content.


_ Spawn change mods that add spawn locations in select maps.  is it possible to make spawn zones run in waves that raise combat level or even enable respawning like what would happen during the story sequence after the final world when the lich first takes rikus soul.

make a mod that allows the player to return to the ship from the pause menu to help leave custom worlds that dont have a save point to do so.

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It's not possible to add new keyblades into the game. The files for midnight blue and phantom green are still in the game for the PC version and are able to be restored, because the slots for those still exist. Which even then still has an issue, if you didnt notice, they dont save in your inventory. If you restart the game you have to buy them again.

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