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Errors when loading adult collection pages


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For some users, attempting to load an adult collection (with adult content enabled) results in the "Oops! Something went wrong!" error page. 


If you are experiencing this issue, please do the following and let us know the output by replying to this thread:

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard (if you're using Google Chrome) which will open the developer tools side panel.

  2. In the side panel, ensure the "Console" tab is selected.

  3. Then, try to load a collection page and see if any red error messages appear.

  4. If they do, please provide them here so I can pass them on to our team.


Steps to reproduce

So far we've found one possible cause

  • Use a browser feature or addon to translate the page from English to any other language.
  • Attempt to view this page: 
  • See the error.
  • Turn off translation and see that the page loads correctly. 


Expected Behaviour

Adult collections load successfully.


Actual result

An error page. 


Try disabling any automatic translations that are enabled on the page. 

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