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How to use light plugins with Vortex


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Hello VR players!

Since the recent release of this fantastic mod, it's now possible to use light plugins in Skyrim VR. 

Here's a quick guide on how to get set up to use these mods in Vortex:


  1. If you have Skyrim VR ESL Support installed with Vortex already, temporarily uninstall it. 
  2. Go into Settings -> Vortex and change your update preference to "Beta". Vortex will automatically download the latest version and prompt a restart.
  3. After Vortex has restarted, make sure you have SKSEVR, Engine Fixes VR and Address Library VR all installed and deployed. (These can all be installed with Vortex) 
  4. Install (or re-install) Skyrim VR ESL and deploy it. 
  5. If Vortex reports a conflict, Skyrim VR ESL should load after SKSEVR.

Now you should be able to install and use light plugins. Vortex will show the "Light" or "Could be light" options in the Plugins table and will allow you to mark small plugins as light from the app itself. 

Don't forget to endorse the mods you're using! Enjoy!

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