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Morrowing stardom GoTY to Starfield. Modders then, modders today.


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Back in the days of the Arena for the first time there was modding in Machine Language (binary) C and C+ etc.  Much of the software was open source.   Morrowind was the baby and everyone who could do anything to address it, clean it up, dress it up, and make it into a full grown Video Game were doing it because it was the new way, the next kind of video game.

If you look back in time and could see the first born then, you would have seen a batch of baby accesories.  No, not diapers.  Ways to make images with Binary code, that looked like mesh wiring that was bent and shaped with triangles, squares, circles, and stick people.  In that style, you would see how thousands of student's in the new department on the campus called Computer Science were changing the way we could use computers.

Morrowind was a mess.  Yeah!  A bundle of parts put together one piece at a time until the parts worked well enough linked to each other.  It was because of  lot of determined computer science freaks, called pencil necks before, nerd, and nerd before Geeks.  All of whom were STUDENTs in school when modern computer stuff small enough to call a desktop were created.

That a certain number of people discovered and created the next kinds of software stuff called Code. 

C, C+, C++ you name it someone created it.  Someone in the department of computer science that started out learning to use Binary zeros and ones.

Bethesda didn't have to call out for help!  NO!  They didn't.   The challenge to make Morrowind into a new form of video game excited everyone and anyone because (Drum Roll) It was a new and extremely exciting pass time to mess around with.  After years of the computer science wild wild campus computer gaming from tic tac toe to Pong, to a Tank using the same binary construction as Pong.  That tank I saw looked like someone discovered how to create a monitor view that looked like chicken wire.  Chicken wire in the shape of a Tank to shoot shells across a field at a Target.  Just a moving target just like one Pong paddle moving up and down on one side of the screen while the Tank could be moved up and down the other side.

The challenge was to fire a shot from the Tank.  Timing the shot precisely when it traveled across the field to hit the moving target on the other side.  It was one of the first FPS: first person shooters.  After I saw it in its baby state, the next thing the creator of it did with their Tandy black and white monitor was fill in the shapes of the mesh to have colors.  The Color Tandy Computer came out shortly after and the finished product looked like a tank, and a target opposite it.

Starfield.  Waky, waky!  Starfield is just like Morrowind in many ways.  The most obvious way it resembles Morrowind is  (Drum Roll) it's a baby.  A lot of the modding crowd from Morrwind days were excited and working to champion even better video games.  There enthusiasm was ten fold, twice bold, and finding ways to protect their privately created games.   Like, Fallout.
Well one guy in our dorm using the caffiene pills went bald in two semesters.  He was studying Law though.

The people modding for Starfield might be burning the candle at both ends, but unlike the Morrowind modders, there were Millions of them.  Colleges and Universities full of computer science Geeks spending their free time making a mark in Computer Gaming.

So, if you think Starfield sucks.  I have News for you!  So did all the previous games Interplay, Bethesda, and Black Ice made; just to mention a few teams that became companies. 

They didn't quit improving their games, they didn't quit because one court decision made it so another team of game builders got all the rights to another teams game, and they didn't quit sharing their knowledge with other college student's which bolstered the production of mods and MORE video gamees.  AND that's  the difference.

If you're modding Starfield keep it up.  I felt really bad the other day when I realized I called Starfield a cruddy rock.  Morrowind was a pile of rocks I call MODS.  Some of which the modders compressed and put so much time and effort in them they became like diamonds.  It takes tremendous pressure on top of million tons of carbon, burned trees was a part of and they were compressed for 10,000 years and diamonds were made.

So, imagine how much time and effort it took for those teams of computer science genius modders building, editing (compressing) and finally getting real diamond out of their work.

Now show us your stuff!  Starfield is waiting! 

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