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Idea for mod to enhance vanilla combat (I need to know if it is possible).


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I have an idea to make vanilla combat work in a more attractive way.
I have experience modding fo3 and fnv but not much modding morrowind, so I don't know how "doable" it is.

First is to give a cd to the PC's attacks, so that they cannot spam attacks in rapid succession. 
(this CD could be reduced in time depending on your speed or agility)
Then it is to make the NPCs react in some way to all attacks that do not connect from the PC so that they dodge or parry. 
I have seen NPCs block with a shield (I mean their animation) so I know it is possible.
If animating for all the npc and creatures was a problem I don't feel intimidated 
I have some experience animating mods in fo3 and nv it can't be that difficult to do it in morrowind. 
In addition, the animations would consist of the character moving the weapon or leaning a little so it is nothing out of this world.
I think that a mod like I'm describing would make the game a lot more fun, I just want to know if it's "doable" with current modding tools. 
since I don't have that much experience with this game.



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