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To the great folks who are making all these wonderful voice mods for Vasco for us to enjoy:

Any chance one of you could be persuaded to "reprogram" Vasco to use the voice and mannerisms of "K.I.T.T." from the old Knight Rider TV series? I think that could add a much needed element of "unintentional comic relief" to the game! Or maybe I am just a bit off in the head, who knows?  ;}  Many thanks either way!

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I would call this mod "The Little Things of Life".
Make a more relaxed seating animation.
The opportunity to equip... a coffee mug. Your character sits on a bench / chair / sofa, you go to the menu, select a coffee mug / bottle of water and your character has a mug / bottle in his hand and the corresponding animation turns on.
The opportunity to take in hand a soft toy that is in the game.
A more diverse animation of lying in bed. With a soft toy.
Nose picking animation)))

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I would like to see a mod that makes all the characters and npcs not look ugly af ..also a mod that replaces the creepy locked dialouque puppet animations

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