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A New Year, A New Graphics Card.


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Well the time has finally came where i will be moving on from my beloved 5700 XT, I have the greatest respect for how well this card (RDNA1) has held up for me in this years big releases such as Dead Island 2, Hogwarts Legacy, RE4 Remake & TLOU Part1, But nearing the end of the year i noticed i wasnt able to play Alan Wake 2 at an acceptable level and when it gets to the point where i cant play games id like too i generally upgrade so have decided to go for a new card in the new year sales. I am sad to say goodbye to such a great card that i have had so much value and joy/ fond memories from, I think right now in the advancements of games this year you really need at the very least to be on a 3000 series nvidia card or a 6000 series amd. Id rather skip RDNA2 and go straight for a 7700xt but depending on the price id happily go for a 6700 xt or even a RX 7600 depending on what the sales bring, Im not arguing the fact that amd cards are better than nvidia or vise versa i admit the support and drivers are generally better on nvidia but i choose amd cause of price over performance, i get so much more for my money on a tight budget which is why i have used amd since RDNA. I was curous what cards you are all currently using or what cards any of you will be sad to be retiring in the new year?

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HDT-SMP is CPU intensive yes.


On 12/25/2023 at 8:27 PM, 7531Leonidas said:

I got a 7900xtx, generally runs very good, but I can't get the custom fan curve (from Adrenaline) to work while Skyrim SE is running.  I like to force it to try to keep temps down just a little more.

Try Afterburner instead never had any issues with it, a bit of overclock bit of undervolt thats the sweet spot.

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