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If you are offended by any or all of the above or below, I recommend you don't watch the movie "STRAYS".


Intelligent poeple do not intend to harm to anyone.  Any being of these scholarly types are more interested in learning.  Defining what is a fact and what is fiction.  So far as I know, Aliens from outer space do not appear to have attacked, communicated with humans like me or anyone I know, and probably wouldn't eat any humans who have a fast food diet and drinks a lot of beer/booze.

--------- I think the1st Question an intelligent 21st Century four to eight year old scholarly type person might ask in their age group bible class might be, "How did that girl written about who we learned about in the bible study; who didn't have sex ;- ) ;- ) get pregnant?

Someone answered Imaculate conception.

Child continues inquiry:  Is that like Artificial inception where they use a really long thin needle instead of a man inserting his penis in there?  Why she didn't lose the vaginal virgin web because the needle was so thin it didn't tear the web?  You know that web of tiny little veins called capillaries, that look like a spider web in there?  @3w.com world wide web with a long thin needle injecting a dot of cum there.

Second question:

Creature feature movies provided at The NIGHT WALKER compared to the creature horror TV series called The NIGHT STALKER.  Is that in the shows a horrible beasts walks and are faster then someone who stalks a person?  Dragging one leg as they stalk someone who could walk and get away really easy.

Woman being stalked in the TV show: Would you mind walking instead of stalking!? I have someone I am meeting for lunch in about two minutes.

If you are offended by any or all of the above, I recommend you don't watch the movie, "STRAYS".

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