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SKSEVR gives me the same error every time

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ive downloaded vortex, deleted, redownloaded, and the same for skyrim vr an uncountable number of times now, purged mods, followed every single tutorial i've found, and skyrim still gives me the same error: 'REL/Relocation.h(743): Required VR Address Library file Data/skse/pligins/verson-1-4-15.csv does not exist' , and yet i've used vortex to install the mods it asks me to install, including sksevr, and skyrim vr esl, which i get notifications prompting me to download each time i uninstall, ive used vortex to download sksevr, and manually and yet i always receive the same error; the one i previously listed. i have no idea what to do from here, so if anyone has any kind of tutorial/advice i may have missed, it would be much appreciatedĀ 

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