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Having some issues with Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3


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The easiest way to find out which plugin is interfering with Cass replacement is to use FNVEdit.

I don't remember the device of the plugin you mentioned, but if its resources aren't open, that might be interfering with the replacement too. Also it’s possible that during the entire existence of the plugin, your question has already been asked by someone else and received a specific answer in the comments, you should check it out.

I apologize that my attempt to help is not informative, it's been a very long time since I've run this game and don't have it on my computer, so I'll limit myself to this kind of response.


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If you dont have FnvEdit, or dont want to use, you have to learn to do it manually.

Put Redesign 3 at highest priority so it overwrite everything. See that if Cass work.

Dont forget that esp/esm in Overwrite folder has highest priority. Ensure nothing in that folder.

If indeed Cass is as you want, then move the folder lower in priority and check again. Stop right when you find Cass is changed.

That's how I used to do it before knowing how to work FNVEdit.

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