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Hoping Someone Here Can Help Me.


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In the next week or so I am getting a new PC.  My issue is I have had this computer basically since FO4 was released.  Many of my mods are loaded into my game and I no longer have zip files for them.  Some were mods I got of of Patreon, some have been removed from the Nexus site.  In short, I can't reinstall the mod the same way I did initially.  How do I go about keeping everything I have on my current PC and moving it to my new one once I have it?  I am guessing it's not as simple as a cut and paste of the old folders onto my new PC, or is it?  This is a little out of my PC knowledge and any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm, okay.  I might have to try and wing it.  As my computer is also used for my work, I can't have both the old and the new in the shop at the same time.  I do have an external HD reader, so I will have access to the files at least.  Many of them are just texture files so I may be okay anyway.  The other thing, I haven't been able to play Fallout 4 for months because the last Windows 10 update made it so Fallout wasn't recognizing my mods as installed. My Load Game button was greyed out along with my Mods button.   So a fresh install of everything might be in my best interest anyway.  Thanks for the reply though.

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Well, actually, yes. You can copy the entire fallout4 folder from your old to your new PC. (would be a bit much though). You would need to install the game on the new PC & then copy your data over it.

But (all) what you really need to copy is all *.esp, *.esl, *.esm & *.ba2 archives that are not from the vanilla game. There could be *.txt or *.docx files which came with mods, as well as geometry files for new areas. So best to copy everything. If there is anything in .\data copy that too & all the *.ini files.

Don't forget your savegames (& custom .ini files), as those are stored elsewhere (usually in your user profile: myGames\Fallout4 )


If you copy the whole fallout4 folder from your old PC to a new one, install the game & then extract your data on top. Do not overwrite. Then extract your fallout *.ini files (again) and this time you do overwrite.

note: You might need to (re)enable your mods, so take note of your load order.


BUT if you are using a mod manager, I'm not sure how to proceed, as it depends on how the manager handles your mods.

On my 3rd notebook myself since I bought it back in 2017, which was the GOTY version from Bethesda, which was transfered to Steam in the meantime.

My oldest save is a bit over 6 years old.

Everything still works fine 😉

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Thanks everyone.  I am going to try as much as I can to download files again.  If I have all the proper files with a mod and I can get them into the proper folders in my game directory, is that basically just the same as installing manually if I have all the .esp, .esl and .ba2 files?

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When I know that something is going to happen ( computer wise ) and it will / does:

I create a TEXT file with Notepad ++ and have *ALL* my mods with specific links noted.

Those that are not on Nexus or available - due to Mod Creator not 'going there' or such ... I have a backup of the ZIP files that can be located here to B/U:

<drive>:\Games\Nexus Mod Manager\Fallout4\Mods

That will have all your MOD's in ZIP format to backup.

I would also strongly suggest that you go to your SAVED files and back them up and ZIP them.

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I would also recommend that you save the "Plugin" to a memory stick.
Your mod sequence is saved there.

The file path is as follows: My Documents / AppData / Local / Fallout 4.
I have created a screen for this.

Note, however, that the file name "AppData" is a hidden folder, which you must check under System Settings-Folder Options so that the hidden files are displayed.

This way the loading order can be saved.
Since I am not good in English, I hope that it is readable for you, I am from Germany.

Hope I could help you a little bit.



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