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Getting started with Vortex


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You can now manage your mods for Palworld with Vortex!




  • Downloads and installs UE4SS if it doesn't exist
  • Automatic game detection
  • Support for PAK mods
  • Support for Lua\UE4SS mods


Getting started

  1. Install Palworld from either Xbox (PC) or Steam. 
  2. Download and install Vortex from here
  3. In the "Games" section of Vortex, select "Palworld" and download it. (If the game does not appear, you can also install it from here).
  4. Restart Vortex to register Palworld, you should now be able to return to the game section and select it (or, it'll be selected automatically and the Palworld artwork will be in the top-left of the app). 
  5. Start installing your favourite mods with the "Vortex" or "Mod Manager Download" buttons on the mod pages!


Need help?

If you're having problems using Vortex, or would like to request a new feature please create a thread in our Vortex Support forum. 

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