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Combined settlement component inventory not available at linked workbench


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Most of my settlement component inventory is stored at Sanctuary. I have a network of settlements (vanilla and modded) ranging out in several directions from Sanctuary, and in almost all of these, I can craft settlement objects using the combined component inventory.

However, in one modded settlement (Ragoda's LET IT RIP - Settlement of USS Riptide) I find that I can only access the components stored in that particular workbench.

Now, I can access the full networked inventory from the settlement upstream (vanilla Hangman's Alley) and the settlement downstream (Glitchfinder's We Can Live In - North Point Park). From this, I presume that the problem is not with the provisioner network.

Despite googling, I've been unable to find anything at all recent discussing this, and so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the direction of a solution.



Curious. USS Riptide had to have been available for me to route a provisioner from Hangman's to it, and it had to have been available for me to base a provisioner there to service North Point Park. However, it's no longer available as a destination to send settlers. Looking at my list of settlements on my PipBoy, I can see that it's present, but is now called Commonwealth.


Hmm ... A mod conflict, perhaps? I'll play with my mod load  order, but will still welcome suggestions.

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To the best of my knowledge, when a settlement shows as "Commonwealth" in the pipboy, it means one of two things:

1. The settlement is broken out of the box because it wasn't made correctly, or...

2. The settlement didn't properly register within the settlement network.

In either case, there is no fix short of reverting to a save prior to installing the settlement and removing it, but even that is no guarantee. Generally speaking, once the settlement system breaks, it stays broken, and the only solution is to scrap the save and start over.

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