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Wrye Bash for Starfield - Now public


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I just noticed that the Starfield support in Wrye Bash is now added at Nexus.  I have used the Beta since 2 months back and for me, Wrye Bash is the one and only mod installer we ever need and it was also the first published of them all when we where playing Morrowind, if I recall correctly as before it came out, we all had to install mods manually and had never heard of any installers before that and I also remember I was a bit suspect of it when it came out, but it sure made life easier and also the game more stabile, with the Wrye Bash or Wrye Mash patch. 😉 That version for Morrowind was called Mash, well I have been using it without issues for 18 years now.  😄    I am not sure how my plugins.txt gets updated as it updates per auto but I guess it is Bash that is doing that.  


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